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Revolution Brown 12 Pack

Revolution Brown 12 Pack

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Activyl for  Small Cats

Activyl for Small Cats

Active Constituents: 195 g/L Indoxacarb ( S-isomer ) 6 x 0.51 mL Vials Activyl will start killing any fleas on your cat within 12 hours 90% of the adult fleas will be dead. It will keep on killing fleas for over 4 weeks. It will also inhibit flea development in the environment of treated pets for at least 28 days after application. This means you don't need to buy separate products to treat fleas in the environment. This is particularly useful as up to 95% of a flea population (eggs, larvae, pupae & adults) are not actually on your pet but in the house environment. Activyl works in a different way to other flea control products - it will only become fully active once it is actually inside the flea. When a flea is on your cat it ingests the active ingredient in Activyl from your cat's skin. Then, enzymes within the flea convert this compound to its highly active form which then paralyses the flea and it dies. When the compound is just sitting on your cat's skin it stays in the less active form. Activyl is presented in a easily opened applicator, like many other flea spot on products. Once opened, part you cat's hair and place the applicator at the base of the skull near the shoulder blades and squeeze the contents directly onto the skin. Activyl has been tested to make sure it is not easily washed off. It is reccommended that your don't bathe or let you pet swim in the 48hrs after Activyl application, then it will stay active on the skin despite weekly bathing or swimming and even exposure to rain. By applying every 4 weeks : Fleas that get on your pet will become paralysed and die. Immature stages in the environment will be controlled preventing reinfestation Pets that suffer from flea allergy problems will be managed much better It provides an optimum level of care by: The unique bio activation process which means the full flea killing affect becomes active only once the active ingredient is inside the flea Killing adult fleas prevents your pet itching, reduces the symptoms of flea allergy dermatitis and stops the spread of diseases such as tapeworms. Will break the flea life cycle by controlling immature stages of the flea in the environment which prevents reinfestation and keeps your home flea free. Fasting acting - fleas are starting to die within 8hrs. Easy top use and apply, quick drying Due to the unique 'in-flea' bio activation process, Activyl shows a high safety profile when used as directed. It can be used in puppies and kitten from 8 weeks of age as long as they are over 1.5kg in bodyweight.

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