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Active Constituents: 37.5 mg Afoxolaner and 7.5 mg Milbemycin Oxime For Medium Dogs 16.5-33lbs (7..
Ex Tax: US$44.13
Simparica Trio Purple SALE
Active Constituents: 25mg pyrantel, 6mg sarolaner,0.12mg moxidectin For dogs 5.5-11lbs (2.5-5kg..
US$32.10 US$28.89
Ex Tax: US$28.89
Revolution Plus Medium Cat Orange SALE
Active Constituents: 60 mg/mL Selamectin, 10 mg/mL Sarolaner. For Medium Cats 5.5-11lbs (2.6..
US$32.57 US$29.31
Ex Tax: US$29.31
Active Constituents: 50mg Praziquantel, 143mg Pyrantel Embonate and 542mg Oxantel Embonate..
Ex Tax: US$10.79

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Pet supplies available from Vet Meds for Pets include a huge range of brand name health preventative medications for dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens. All medications are purchased from vets and are 100% genuine and guaranteed.

We carry a large range of the brand name pet supplies such as Heartgard Plus, Sentinel, Revolution, Simparica, Frontline Plus, NexGard and many more.

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