Credelio Plus

Credelio Plus

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Credelio Plus Small Dog Pink 6 Chews

Active Constituents:112.5 mg Lotilaner, 4.22 mg Milbemycin Oxime Credelio Plus Small Dog Pin..

US$58.66 Ex Tax: US$58.66

Credelio Plus Medium Dog Orange 6 Chews

Active Constituents: 225mg Lotilaner, 8.44mg Milbemycin Oxime For Medium Dog Orange 6.1-12lb..

US$62.71 Ex Tax: US$62.71

Credelio Plus Large Dog Green 6 Chews

Active Constituents: 450mg Lotilaner, 16.88mg Milbemycin Oxime For Large Dog Green 24-48lbs ..

US$66.08 Ex Tax: US$66.08

Credelio Plus Extra Large Dog Blue 6 Chews

Active Constituents: 450mg Lotilaner, 16.88 Milbemycin Oxime For Extra Large Dog Blue 48-99lbs (2..

US$74.17 Ex Tax: US$74.17

Credelio Plus For Dogs. A monthly chewable for the prevention of ticks, fleas, heartworm and intestinal worms.