Poultry Medications

Poultry Medications

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Aristopet Poultry Wormer 8.4 fl oz (125ml)

Active Constituents: 8.48g/L Levamisole (present as Levamisole Hydrochloride) For the treatment o..

US$13.76 Ex Tax: US$13.76

Doxyvet Liquid

Active Constituents: 50mg/mL Doxycycline Hydrochloride. For treatment of susceptible infections i..

US$12.74 Ex Tax: US$12.74

Kilverm Poultry Wormer 4.22floz (125mls)

Active Constituents: 14 g/L LEVAMISOLE (equivalent to 16.5 g/L LEVAMISOLE HYDROCHLORIDE) Vetsense..

US$10.45 Ex Tax: US$10.45

Wormout Gel

Active Constituents: 20g/L Praziquantel, 20g/L Oxfendazole. A soluble wormer for birds. Con..

US$13.49 Ex Tax: US$13.49

A range of poutry medications for complete health of your flocks.