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Frontline/Frontline Plus

Frontline/Frontline Plus

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Frontline ORIGINAL Small Dog 4 Pack

Active Constituents: 100g/L Fipronil (0.67ml per vial) For Small Dogs  1-22lbs  (1..

$27.26 Ex Tax: $27.26

Frontline ORIGINAL Medium Dog 4 Pack

Active Constituents: 100g/L Fipronil (1.34ml per vial) For Medium Dogs  22 - 44lbs ..

$28.40 Ex Tax: $28.40

Frontline ORIGINAL Large Dog 4 Pack

Active Constituents: 100g/L Fipronil (2.68ml per vial) For Large Dogs 44- 88lbs  (20-40..

$29.82 Ex Tax: $29.82

Frontline ORIGINAL Extra Large Dog 4 Pack

Active Constituents: 100g/L Fipronil (4.02ml per vial) For Extra Large Dogs  88 - 132lb..

$30.53 Ex Tax: $30.53

Frontline Plus Cat

Active Constituents:100g/L FIPRONIL, 120g/L (S)METHOPRENE  Expiry:  6 Pack, 12 Pack, 24..

$27.55 Ex Tax: $27.55

Frontline Plus Small Dog

Active Constituents: 100g/L FIPRONIL, 90g/L (S)METHOPRENE. Small Dogs - 0-10kg ( 0-22lbs ) ..

$27.55 Ex Tax: $27.55

Frontline Plus Medium Dog

Active Constituents: 100g/L FIPRONIL, 90g/L (S)METHOPRENE. Dogs 10-20kg ( 22-44lbs ) 1.34ml pipet..

$28.33 Ex Tax: $28.33

Frontline Plus Large Dog

Active Constituents:100g/L FIPRONIL, 90g/L (S)METHOPRENE. Large Dogs - 20-40kg ( 44-88lbs ) Ex..

$29.89 Ex Tax: $29.89

Frontline Plus Extra Large

Active Constituents:100g/L FIPRONIL, 90g/L (S)METHOPRENE. Extra Large Dog - 40-60kg ( 88-132lbs )..

$31.38 Ex Tax: $31.38