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Simparica Chews

Simparica Chews

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Simparica Yellow Puppy

Active Constituents: 5mg Sarolaner. Puppy 1.3-2.5kg ( 2.8-5.5 lb ) Keep you pets free from ..

$23.13 Ex Tax: $23.13

Simparica Purple Extra Small

Active Constituents: 10mg Sarolaner Extra Small Dog 2.6-5kg (5.6- 11lb)  Keep you pets..

$23.49 Ex Tax: $23.49

Simparica Orange Small SALE

Simparica Orange Small

Active Constituents: 20mg Sarolaner Small Dog 5.1-10kg (11-22lb)  Expiry: 6 Pack March 20..

$28.68 $28.68 Ex Tax: $28.68

Simparica Blue Medium SALE

Simparica Blue Medium

Active Constituents: 40.0mg Sarolaner Medium Dogs 10.1- 20kg (22-44lb)  Expiry: 6 Pack Ap..

$29.47 $29.47 Ex Tax: $29.47

Simparica Green Large SALE

Simparica Green Large

Active Constituents: 80.0mg Sarolaner Large Dogs 20.1- 40kg (44-88lb)  Expiry: 6 Pack Sep..

$30.96 $30.96 Ex Tax: $30.96

Simparica Red Extra Large SALE

Simparica Red Extra Large

Active Constituents: 120.0mg Sarolaner Extra Large Dog 40.1- 60kg (88-132lb) Expiry: 6 Pack Oc..

$32.46 $32.46 Ex Tax: $32.46