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Antibiotic Lotion

Not for Sale to Australian Customers Active Constituent: Each mL contains Neomycin Sulphate ..

US$9.74 Ex Tax: US$9.74

Essential 6 for Dogs and Cats 4 Pack

Essential 6 has a unique combination of Omega 6 & Omega 3 essential fatty acids and essential oi..

US$16.52 Ex Tax: US$16.52

Ilium Neocort Cream

Active Constituents: Lignocaine (as Lignocaine hydrochloride) 20mg/g, Neomycin (as Neomycin sulphate..

US$13.15 Ex Tax: US$13.15

Natural Animal Solutions Dermal Cream 2.11oz (60gms)

Active Ingredients: Comfrey oil, neem seed oil, witch hazel, golden seal, yarrow, lavender oil, vita..

US$15.85 Ex Tax: US$15.85

Natural Animal Solutions Dermal Oil 3.3floz (100mls)

Active Constituents: Comfrey oil, neem seed oil, eycalyptus oil, lavender oil. Dermal oil is l..

US$14.83 Ex Tax: US$14.83

Natural Animal Solutions Itchy Scratch 3.3floz (100mls)

Contains: Aluminium Acetate Solution, Aloe Vera, Golden Seal, Boric Acid, Tea Tree Oil 2% Cont..

US$15.44 Ex Tax: US$15.44

PAW Manuka Wound Gel

Active Constituents: Manuka Honey (80%), natural Gum, bees wax, and nourishing organic oils. This pr..

US$12.47 Ex Tax: US$12.47

Value Plus Omega 3+6+9 Oil 250mls

Active Constituents: Omega 3 fatty acids (Linolenic Acid), Omgea 6 fatty acids (Linolenic Acid)..

US$10.65 Ex Tax: US$10.65

Virbac Wound-Gard 1.7floz (50mls) Out Of Stock

Virbac Wound-Gard 1.7floz (50mls)

Active ingredients: 10g/L Chlorhexidine Gluconate, 20mL/L Phenoxyethanol, 5g/L menthol, 200mg Denato..

US$12.14 Ex Tax: US$12.14