Popantel Wormers

Popantel Wormers

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Popantel Allwormer 22lbs (10kgs)

Active Constituents: 50mg Praziquantel, 542mg oxantel embonate,143mg pyrantel embonate. Expi..

US$3.37 Ex Tax: US$3.37

Popantel Allwormer (88lb) 40kg

Active Constituents: 200mg Praziquantel, 2168mg Oxantel Embonate 572mg Pyrantel Embonate. Ex..

US$8.29 Ex Tax: US$8.29

Popantel F Allwormer 22lbs (10kgs)

Active Constituents: 50 mg Praziquantel, 49.8 mg Pyrantel (as pyrantel embonate) and 250 mg Feb..

US$4.72 Ex Tax: US$4.72

Popantel F Allwormer 77lbs (35kgs)

Active Constituents: 175 mg Praziquantel, 174.4 mg Pyrantel (as pyrantel embonate) and 875 mg F..

US$9.51 Ex Tax: US$9.51

Popantel Tapeworm Tablets Out Of Stock

Popantel Tapeworm Tablets

Active Constituents: Praziquantel 50 mg. Expiry: July 2025 For the control of tapeworm..

US$2.90 Ex Tax: US$2.90

These popular allwormers and tapewormes by Jurox.

These oral tablets treat and further prevents worm infection in dogs.

The regular treatment prevents re-infestation and keeps pets healthy.

For the control of Roundworms, Whipworms, Hookworms, Tapeworms and hydatid tapeworm in dogs.

Does not control Heartworm.