Flea & Tick Control

Flea & Tick Control

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Advantage Kittens & Small Cats

Active Constituents: 100 g/L Imidacloprid Cats/Kittens up to 8.8lb (4kg) The spot-on that does..

US$29.25 Ex Tax: US$29.25

Advantage Large Cat (Purple)

Active Constituents: 100 g/L Imidacloprid Cats 8.8-19.8lb (4-9kg) Apply 1 vial per month  ..

US$29.25 Ex Tax: US$29.25

Capstar tablets for Small Dogs and Cats 6 Pack

Active Ingredients: CAPSTAR tablets contain 11.4mg of nitenpyram Expiry May 2021 Treats d..

US$14.45 Ex Tax: US$14.45

Activyl for Small Cats 3.3-8.8lb (1.5-4kg) 6 Pack

Kittens & Cats 3.3-8.8lb (1.5-4kg) Activyl will start killing any fleas on your cat within 12..

US$36.06 Ex Tax: US$36.06

Advocate Kittens & Small Cats

Active Constituents:  Imidacloprid 100g/L, Moxidectin 10g/L  Cats Up to 4kg ( 0 - ..

US$27.64 Ex Tax: US$27.64

Bravecto Spot On for Cats Green Small

Active Constituents: 112.5mg Fluralaner ( 280mg/mL Fluralaner, also contains 339mg/mL Dimethylacetam..

US$37.84 Ex Tax: US$37.84

Comfortis Pink Cat

Active Constituents: Each tablet contains 140 mg Spinosad 1.4 - 2.7 kg (3-6 lb) 3 ..

US$27.19 Ex Tax: US$27.19

Frontline Original Cat 4 Pack

Active Constituents: 100g/L Fipronil (0.5ml per vial) For cats  1-22lbs  (1-10kg) ..

US$26.30 Ex Tax: US$26.30

Revolution (Pink) For Puppies & Kittens

Active Constituents: 60mg/mL Selamectin Expiry: 15 Pack October 2021 Treats puppies &am..

US$28.02 Ex Tax: US$28.02

Activyl for Large Cats over 8.8lb (4kg) 6 Pack

Cats over 8.8lb (4kg) Activyl will start killing any fleas on your cat within 12 hours 90% of the..

US$37.33 Ex Tax: US$37.33

Advocate Large Cat (Purple)

Active Constituents: 10 % v/w Imidacloprid (100g/l) 2.5 % v/w Moxidectin (25g/l)  ..

US$28.39 Ex Tax: US$28.39

Bravecto Spot On for Cats Blue Medium

Active Constituents: 250mg Fluralaner ( 280mg/mL Fluralaner, also contains 339mg/mL Dimethylacetamid..

US$38.19 Ex Tax: US$38.19

Comfortis Orange Cat

Active Constituents: Each tablet contains 270 mg Spinosad Cats 2.8 - 5.4 kg (6-11.8 lb)..

US$47.43 Ex Tax: US$47.43

Revolution Cat (Blue) SALE

Revolution Cat (Blue)

Active Constituents: 60mg/mL Selamectin Expiry – 6, 12, 24 Packs January 2022 Treat your preci..

US$28.77 US$28.77 Ex Tax: US$28.77

Bravecto Spot On for Cats Purple Large

Active Constituents: 500mg Fluralaner ( 280mg/mL Fluralaner, also contains 339mg/mL Dimethylacetamid..

US$38.53 Ex Tax: US$38.53

Comfortis Green Cat

Active Constituents: Each tablet contains 560 mg Spinosad Cats 5.5-11.2 kg ( 12-24.6 lb ) 6 Table..

US$49.28 Ex Tax: US$49.28

Seresto Flea Collar For Cats & Kittens

Active Constituents: 100mg/g Imidacloprid, 45mg/g Flumethrin For the treatment and prevention ..

US$31.44 Ex Tax: US$31.44

Bravecto Plus for Small Cats Green

Active Constituents: 280mg/mL Fluralander and 1.4mg/mL Moxidectin, 339mg/mL Dimethylacamide (so..

US$18.15 Ex Tax: US$18.15

Bravecto Plus for Medium Cats Blue

Active Constituents: 280mg/mL Fluralander and 14mg/mL Moxidectin, 339mg/mL Dimethylacamide (sol..

US$18.84 Ex Tax: US$18.84

Revolution Plus Kitten Yellow New

Revolution Plus Kitten Yellow

Active Constituents: 60 mg/mL Selamectin, 10 mg/mL Sarolaner. Each vial contains 0.25mL for Kit..

US$28.77 Ex Tax: US$28.77

Fleas are a type of wingless parasite found worldwide. They feed off the blood of humans and animals such as dogs and cats. Diseases can be transferred from one host to another. Fleas are known to transmit tapeworm larvae. Ticks are external parasites that need a blood meal to survive and reproduce. Ticks can feed on humans and other mammals, reptiles, birds or even frogs. All life stages of ticks feed on blood. Ticks can transmit several diseases, such as Lyme disease, rocky mountain spotted fever, tick paralysis and others, but most tick bites do not result in illness.