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Bravecto Yellow Very Small

Active Constituents: 112.5mg Fluralaner Expiry: August 2019 Very Small Dogs 2-4.5kg (4.4-9.9lb..

$30.32 Ex Tax: $30.32

Bravecto Orange Small

Active Constituents: 250 mg Fluralaner Expiry: September 2019 Bravecto Orange for Small D..

$31.10 Ex Tax: $31.10

Bravecto Green Medium

Active Constituents: 500 mg Fluralander Expiry: October 2019 Bravecto Green for Medium Do..

$32.60 Ex Tax: $32.60

Bravecto Blue Large

Active Constituents: 1000mg Fluralaner Expiry: April 2020 Bravecto Blue for Large Dogs 20..

$33.45 Ex Tax: $33.45

Bravecto Purple Extra Large

Active Constituents:1400mg Fluralaner Expiry: December 2019 Bravecto for Extra Large Dogs 40 -..

$34.88 Ex Tax: $34.88