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Denise Sadler posted 08/11/2018

I'm very pleased with the service and the product I ordered. Since I have 4 dogs, finding ways to cut a few dollars while still giving them a quality product is hard to do. But finding your site helped me in purchasing Heartguard for my dogs at a cheaper price then I can get them at 2 different vet locations. The site was very informative and the service took about 1 week to receive. Maybe you could offer a 12 month supply of Heartguard in the future. Once again, thanks, and I will be ordering in the future and passing your name to my friends!!

M. Fuller - USA posted 05/11/2018

I just wanted to let you know how very impressed I am with your site and service. I ordered Advantage for "cats" only just over a week ago, and I already received it in the mail, and I live in the US. Ordering Advantage was simple, and your customer service was prompt and courteous. I will definitely spread the word about your site, and I will continue to purchase from you.

Elisa - Broken Hill, Australia posted 06/10/2018

I had a really bad flea infestation, so I did some research to find an online shop as I live in the country. Your store were the cheapest by far. They also had a phone number so I called to discuss my needs. The customer service via email was brilliant. It wasn't about just selling me stuff, they actually know what they are talking about. I got what I needed plus added advice that was so helpful. I have shopped there since and am blown away by their prices and service. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone who owns a pet.

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