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Valuheart Small Dogs

Active Constituents- 60ug Ivermectin Treats dogs 0-22lbs (0-10kgs) Expiry: July 2021 Valuh..

US$12.31 Ex Tax: US$12.31

Valuheart Medium Dogs

Active Constituents- 120ug Ivermectin Treats Dogs 24-44lbs (11-20kgs) Expiry: April 2021 ..

US$12.99 Ex Tax: US$12.99

Valuheart Large Dogs

Active Constituents- 240ug Ivermectin Treats Dogs 44-88lbs (21-40kgs) Expiry: November 20..

US$14.36 Ex Tax: US$14.36

Nuheart Small Dogs

Active Constituents: 68ug Ivermectin. Expiry: March 2020 Treats Small Dogs up to 11k..

US$12.17 Ex Tax: US$12.17

Nuheart Medium Dogs

Active Constituents: 136ug Ivermectin Expiry: April 2021 Treats Dogs Medium Dog 11kg..

US$13.54 Ex Tax: US$13.54

Nuheart Large Dog

Active Constituents - 272ug Ivermectin Expiry: April 2021 Treats dogs 50-100lbs (23-45kgs..

US$14.56 Ex Tax: US$14.56

Valuheart and NuHeart are effective and affordable, monthly heartworm preventative for dogs.

  • They contain Ivermectin which is the leading active ingredient in monthly heartworm prevention medication.
  • Valuheart is safe to use on puppies from 6 weeks of age and can be used in combination with flea and tick treatment.
  • For the prevention of heartworm disease in dogs 
  • For difficult dogs, NUHEART can even be dissolved quickly in a small amount of water and mixed in the pet's food.