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Credelio Extra Small Dog Pink 6 Chews Out Of Stock

Credelio Extra Small Dog Pink 6 Chews

Active Constituents: 112.5mg Lotilaner Credelio Extra Small Dog Pink 5.5-12lbs (2.5-5.5kgs) ..

US$50.50 Ex Tax: US$50.50

Credelio Small Dog Orange 6 Chews

Active Constituents: 225mg Lotilaner Credelio Small Dog Orange 12-24lbs (5.5-11kgs) Expiry..

US$51.85 Ex Tax: US$51.85

Credelio Medium Dog Green 6 Chews

Active Constituents: 450mg Lotilaner Credelio Medium Dog Green 24-48lbs (11-22kgs) Expiry:..

US$54.75 Ex Tax: US$54.75

Credelio Large Dog Blue 6 Chews

Active Constituents: 900mg Lotilaner Credelio Large Dog Blues 48-99lbs (22-44kgs) Expiry: ..

US$57.48 Ex Tax: US$57.48

Credelio® (lotilaner) is for the prevention of tick and fleas. Kills ticks and fleas fast.

Credelio starts killing fleas in 4 hours and kills 99% within 8 hours for 35 days.

Credelio is greater than 97% effective against labeled tick species 48 hours after administration or infestation for 30 days.

Kills fleas, Kills and control ticks, Controls flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) by controlling adult fleas