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Bravecto Plus Small Cats Green

Active Constituents: 112.5mg Fluralaner and 6.5mg Moxidectin For small cats 13.7-27.5bs (6.25 – 1..

US$22.99 Ex Tax: US$22.99

Bravecto Plus Medium Cats Blue

Active Constituents: 250mg Fluralaner and 12.5mg Moxidectin For medium cats 6.1-14.3lbs (2.8..

US$23.67 Ex Tax: US$23.67

Bravecto Plus Large Cats Purple

Active Constituents: 500mg Fluralaner and 25mg Moxidectin For large cats 13.7-27.5bs (6.25 – 12.5..

US$24.34 Ex Tax: US$24.34