New Neovet for Extra Large Dogs over 55lbs (25kgs) Blue

Active Constituents: Imidacloprid 100g/L, Moxidectin 25g/L

Neovet Flea And Worming For Extra Large Dogs over 55lbs (25kgs)

Expiry: October 2024

Neovet for dogs works as a treatment and prevention of:

  • Heartworm.
  • Fleas and flea larvae.
  • Reduces the incidence of Flea Allergy Dermatitis.
  • Roundworm, hookworms, whipworms, including larvae.
  • Sarcoptic Mange.
  • Ear Mites.
  • Lice.
  • This fast acting parasite treatment stops fleas feeding in just 3-5 minutes.
  • Neovet is an affordable and veterinary-grade topical multi-parasite protection that can be used on dogs and puppies from 7 weeks of age.
  • (Generic Advocate) 6 x 4.0mL pipette.
  • Please note: For dogs over 88lbs (40kgs), use 2 tubes of Neovet extra large dogs.

‚ÄčSafety Information:

  • The safety of Neovet has not been established in pregnant and lactating bitches.
  • Waterproof after 2 hours.

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Neovet for Extra Large Dogs over 55lbs (25kgs) Blue

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