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Topizole Medicated Shampoo 250mls Out Of Stock

Topizole Medicated Shampoo 250mls

Active Constituents: Chlorhexidine gluconate 20g/L, Miconazole nitrate 20g/L. For use on dogs and..

US$12.27 Ex Tax: US$12.27

Triocil Shampoo 250mls

Active Constituents: 5 mg/l Hexetidine Triocil is a high quality antiseptic wash for the relief o..

US$17.13 Ex Tax: US$17.13

Troy Ear Canker and Ear Mite Drops

Active Constituents: Dichlorophen 5mg/mL, Piperonyl butoxide 5mg/mL, Pyrethins 500µg/ml. For the ..

US$7.08 Ex Tax: US$7.08

Troy Puppy & Kitten Worm Syrup 50ml

Active Constituents: 10g/100ml Piperazine Citrate Troy Puppy and Kitten Worm Syrup. Protect..

US$8.63 Ex Tax: US$8.63

Value Plus Omega 3+6+9 Oil 250mls

Active Constituents: Omega 3 fatty acids (Linolenic Acid), Omgea 6 fatty acids (Linolenic Acid)..

US$10.65 Ex Tax: US$10.65

Virbac Rapigel 8.75oz (250gms)

Active Constituents: Menthol 20mg/g, camphor 6.25mg/g, isopropyl alcohol 350mg/g in a gel base. A..

US$20.73 Ex Tax: US$20.73

Virbac Tapewormer 22lbs (10kgs)

Active Ingredients: Praziquantel 50mg Tapeworm treatment. Expiry: February 2025 1 t..

US$3.10 Ex Tax: US$3.10

Virbac Wound-Gard 1.7floz (50mls) Out Of Stock

Virbac Wound-Gard 1.7floz (50mls)

Active ingredients: 10g/L Chlorhexidine Gluconate, 20mL/L Phenoxyethanol, 5g/L menthol, 200mg Denato..

US$12.14 Ex Tax: US$12.14

Advantix Small Dogs & Pups Green

Active Constituents: 100 g/L Imidacloprid, 500 g/L Permethrin For dogs up to 8.8lbs (4kgs) ..

US$28.52 Ex Tax: US$28.52

Aristopet Multi Wormer for Dogs & Cats 11lbs (5kgs) 8 Tablets

Active Constituents: 25mg Levasimole Hydrochloride, 500mg Niclosamide Aristopet Multi wormer for ..

US$9.47 Ex Tax: US$9.47

Beaupet Car Harness

Car harnesses not only keep your dog safe but also the passengers of the car. The Beau Pets Ca..

US$14.50 Ex Tax: US$14.50

Bravecto Chews Very Small Dog Yellow

Active Constituents: 112.5mg Fluralaner For very small dogs 4.4-9lbs (2-4.5kgs) Expiry: 3..

US$35.60 Ex Tax: US$35.60

Credelio Plus Extra Small Dog Pink 6 Chews

Active Constituents:112.5 mg Lotilaner, 4.22 mg Milbemycin Oxime Credelio Plus Extra Small Dog Pi..

US$58.66 Ex Tax: US$58.66

Dimmitrol Daily Tablets 200mg Tablets

Active Constituents: Each tablet contains 200mg Diethylcarbamazine Citrate (equivalent to 101.8 mg D..

US$13.69 Ex Tax: US$13.69

Droncit Dog & Cat Tapewormer 22lbs (10kgs)

Active Constituents: 50mg Praziquantel. Droncit Tapewormer prevents and controls all species of t..

US$25.62 Ex Tax: US$25.62

Drontal Puppy Liquid Suspension

Active Constituents: :15 mg Febantel, 14.4 mg Pyrantel Embonate. For the treatment of intestinal ..

US$14.06 Ex Tax: US$14.06

Heartgard Plus Sml Dogs

Active Constituents: 68ug Ivermectin, 57mg Pyrantel (as Embonate Salt) Treats Dogs: 0-25lbs ..

US$30.68 Ex Tax: US$30.68

Heartworm Tablets Sml Dogs

Active Ingredient: 68ug Ivermectin per tablet Treats Dogs: 0-24lbs (0-11kgs) Expiry: 20 Pack A..

US$11.33 Ex Tax: US$11.33

Nexgard Extra Small Dog Orange

Active Constituents: 11.3mg Afoxolaner Nexgard treats and controls fleas and ticks for very small..

US$32.70 Ex Tax: US$32.70

Paragard Allwormer for Small Dogs & Puppies up to 11lbs (5kgs) 4 Tablets

Active Constituents: 25mg Praziquantel, 112.5 Oxibendazole For the treatment of intestinal w..

US$12.20 Ex Tax: US$12.20

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