Milbemax  Large Cats

Active Constituents: 16mg Milbemycin Oxime 40mg Praziquantel

Milbemax is a tablet for prevention of heartworm, roundworm, hookworm & tapeworm in cats.

  • It is the smallest of all other brands of cat wormers on the market and treats all sizes of cats up to 17lbs (8kg).
  • A coated tablet makes dosing easy.
  • Can be given to cats over 4.4lbs (2kgs) and over 6 weeks of age.


  • Heartworm, dose once a month.
  • Intestinal worms, dose once every three months.


For Cats 2-8kg (2-17lbs)
Active Constituents 16mg milbemycin oxime 40mg praziquantel
Application Oral

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Milbemax Large Cats

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