Arthritic Products

Arthritic Products

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PAW Osteosupport for Cats 60's

Active Constituents: 500mg Perna128® Green Lipped Mussel in a two piece gelatin capsule. Cats get..

US$21.91 Ex Tax: US$21.91

Sasha's Blend Powder 250gms (8.75 oz)

Sasha's Blend for Cats and Dogs 250gm (8.75 oz ) Sasha's Blend is a new generation nutritional su..

US$47.13 Ex Tax: US$47.13

Sasha's Flexi 200gms (7 oz)

Active Constituents: Green lipped Mussel 139g/kg, Shark cartilage 46.3g/kg and Abalone powder 4..

US$34.05 Ex Tax: US$34.05

A range of products to help with arthritis and mobility in horses.