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Avian Insect Liquidator Concentrate

Active Constituents: Permethrin, Piperonyl Butoxide, Methoprene Avian Insect Liquidator or A.I.L...

US$12.81 Ex Tax: US$12.81

Avian Insect Liquidator RTU

Active Constituents: Permethrin, Piperonyl Butoxide, Methoprene Avian Insect Liquidator or A.I.L...

US$9.78 Ex Tax: US$9.78

Avimec 50ml

Active Constituents: 1000µg/mL Ivermectin. Avimec is a topical ‘drop on’ liquid for the treatme..

US$14.23 Ex Tax: US$14.23


Active Constituents: Calcium Ions 33 mg/mL, Vitamin D3 25 IU/mL Liquid calcium and Vitamin D3 sup..

US$9.51 Ex Tax: US$9.51

Doxyvet Antibiotic Tablets

Active Constituent: Doxycycline Hydrochloride 50mg tablets. Doyxvet is used for the treatment of ..

US$12.14 Ex Tax: US$12.14

Doxyvet Liquid

Active Constituents: 50mg/mL Doxycycline Hydrochloride. For treatment of susceptible infections i..

US$12.74 Ex Tax: US$12.74


Active Constiruents: 180 Million CFU/g as Lactobacillus acidophilus; L. delbrueckii subspecies ..

US$10.79 Ex Tax: US$10.79

Ronivet - 4 - Pigeons

Active Constituents: 120mg/g Ronidazole Ronivet 4 Pigeons is a water soluble treatment of canker ..

US$23.60 Ex Tax: US$23.60


Active Constituents: 60mg/g Ronidazole Ronivet-S for canker treatment caged birds Ronivet-S..

US$12.14 Ex Tax: US$12.14

SCATT 1.7 floz (50mls) Scaly Face/Air Sac Mite treatment for birds

Active constituents: Moxidectin 1000ug/ml Scaly Face / Air Sac Mite treatment Directions for u..

US$14.90 Ex Tax: US$14.90

Synbiotic 180-S

Active Constituents:  Probiotics: (180 million CFU/g) Lactobacillus acidophilus, L.cas..

US$14.09 Ex Tax: US$14.09

Synbiotic Avian Probiotic

Active Constituents: Probiotics: (550 million CFU/g) Lactobacillus acidophilus, L.casei, L. saliv..

US$16.86 Ex Tax: US$16.86

Triple C

Ingredients: Chlortetracycline Hydrochloride 100mg/g Triple C is a broad-spectrum antibiotic powd..

US$12.07 Ex Tax: US$12.07

Wormout Gel

Active Constituents: 20g/L Praziquantel, 20g/L Oxfendazole. A soluble wormer for birds. Con..

US$13.49 Ex Tax: US$13.49

Heartworm Tablets Sml Dogs

Active Ingredient: 68ug Ivermectin per tablet Treats Dogs: 0-24lbs (0-11kgs) Expiry: 20 Pack A..

US$11.33 Ex Tax: US$11.33

Vetastar Tablets for Medium & Large Dogs

Active Ingredients: 57mg Nitenpyram per Tablet. Same ingredient as brand name Capstar For ..

US$13.15 Ex Tax: US$13.15

Vetastar Tablets for Small Dogs & Cats

Active Ingredients: 11.4mg Nitenpyram per Tablet. Same ingredient as brand name Capstar For dogs ..

US$11.80 Ex Tax: US$11.80

Wormout for Cats & Small Dogs 11lbs (5kgs)

Active Constituents: Praziquantel 25mg, Oxibendazole 113mg. For small dogs and cats up to 11lbs (..

US$7.48 Ex Tax: US$7.48

Heartworm Tablets Med Dogs

Active Ingredient: 136ug Ivermectin per tablet Treats Dogs: 26-49lbs (12-22kgs) Expiry: 20 Pac..

US$12.07 Ex Tax: US$12.07

Wormout for Medium Dogs 22lbs (10kgs)

Active Constituents: Praziquantel 50mg, Oxibendazole 225mg. For dogs up to 22lbs (10kgs) ..

US$9.24 Ex Tax: US$9.24